Personalised Glowing LED Table Alarm Clock Color Changing 7 Colors

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Product description

★ personalized alarm clock :

The coolest alarm clock around! brings personalized colour changing alarm clock with your image and text to bring fun into your life.

How do you make the premium quality photo products?

The alarm clock is customized by our patented sublimation printing process with your text and images. You may get one or multiple pictures printed on your plaque. Go as you like.

★ What we need from you?

We simply need a good quality high resolution non blurred and well illuminated photo.

★ Steps to Personalize your Products:

✔ Step 1: Complete your order on

✔ Step 2: Mail us the photo and the message to with Amazon order Number.8683899990

✔ Step 3: We will process the order with the input you provide.

✔ Step 4: We will Mail/WhatsApp you the content for your approval.

✔ Step 5: After your approval we will start customization as per your request.

★ That’s It, it is very easy to customize any products from Presto.

★ Returns:

Because each product is individually created, we are not able to issue Refunds or accept Returns.





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